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Sunday, December 30, 2012

society teaches you to be an employee

The typical path in the world today is to get a job working for someone else.  This is a fine path.  It can be secure in a way.  You don't have to go out and find clients, do self-employment taxes, or find benefits on the open market.  The only thing is it's one income stream controlled by someone else, and it ain't you.  I picture school teaching people how to do resumes, interview, and the like to be an employee.  These are valuable skills.  But there's just not much diversity.  Why aren't we taught to be capitalists who own the means of production.  Those are the true winners in capitalism.  Not the workers.  So pretty much everyone is taught to get a four year degree then apply for jobs to be an employee.  Dumb!  Heck we're not even really taught investing in public companies either.  That's something anyone can do if they have some money.  And you own the means of production. How cool!  We need people to start businesses.  That's how people have jobs to apply to, and the government has taxes to collect.  Even if you are primarily an employee I think it's good to try a little side gig to see if it takes off.  Hey you never know.  In fact that might be the best way.  Have the day job for the paycheck and benefits and swing for the fences on the side.  And if nothing else try to think like an owner.  It might change your life for the better.

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  1. Great idea to present to the young men and women who are starting out and have not yet made major mistakes!