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Thursday, November 3, 2011

I don't like driving

Well I'll tell you we live in a car culture.  I didn't choose this, and I surely don't like it.  I would really like to not have a car.  I could do that, but it would be very difficult to survive by walking and taking the bus.  What to do?  Minimizing driving is a good start.  As far as I see it even if cars weren't a money pit, which they are, I just don't like driving.  It's stressful!  And there are some crazies on them there roads.  There's nothing routine about it.  Each day is a different scenario even if you're only going a mile down the road.  Not to mention all the ambulance chasing lawyers we have that are chomping at the bit to cash in when someone gets in an accident.  I really wish our whole civilization wasn't built around the automobile, but it is.  I would like to live in a dense area where you don't need a car.  The trouble is those cities are cold and expensive.  I've thought about selling my car and huffing it, but I would be severely limited with what I could do.  I do try to drive as little as possible.  Sometimes it's a choice of spending 30 minutes in the car as apposed to 2 hours on the bus.  I don't like having my days eaten up by bus time.  I guess what annoys me the most is I was born into a car dominated world.  We really have limited choices in this way.  Either drive or be a shut in.  I am fortunate to have a dependable paid off older car.  It could always be worse.  I hope in the near future we as a world can break this addiction we have to the car.