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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Electricity is a best buy

Shelling out money to pay bills is no fun.  One bill where I feel like I get a lot of value for the dollar is electricity.  If you stop to think about how much you're able to do with electricity it is amazing.  Compare paying your car insurance bill to paying your electric bill, and I think you'll agree you get much more from electricity for possibly less money.  Lets talk about 3 ways that electricity helps you to live a better life:  cooking, refrigeration, and air conditioning.

Eating is something we absolutely have to do.  Sometimes I really don't like that my body gets hungry every couple hours, but it's non-negotiable.  Using a microwave, toaster oven, regular oven, or stove top gives you so many options on how to heat up your meal.  I pretty much have a bagel or muffin every morning warmed up in the toaster oven.  No electricity no bagel.  I could eat it cold, but it wouldn't be as good.  I don't use the regular oven that much.  Now the stove top is a different story.  I'm often cooking something in a pot or pan.  I also use the microwave several times a day.  I'm glad I have electrical current to prepare my food.  Oh and making coffee requires power too.

Refrigeration is very cheap for what you get.  To keep your food cold and frozen is very important.  Butter, eggs, milk, meat, and ice are just a few things that need cold temperatures to stay in their ideal state.  What if you didn't have a refrigerator?  Life would be a lot different wouldn't it?  Think of all the things you couldn't eat.  So to keep that big box cold it really doesn't require much money on an annual basis.  It's more than worth it.  I've heard of some people not having a refrigerator to save money.  Dumb.  Not worth it.  I just bought a bag of ice yesterday, and I had to get that thing home quickly.  Once it was in the freezer it was safe though.

Air conditioning makes life so much more enjoyable in the summer.  Where I live it gets into the 100's which is miserable.  I have two window ac units that I run all the time.  I keep them on the energy saver setting which causes them to turn off when the desired temperature is reached.  I have heard of some electric bills getting into the hundreds of dollars because of ac and heat.  That's definitely a lot of money.  The space where I live however is small which means there's less space to cool.  At one time I didn't run my ac to save money.  I've since changed my mind and have concluded it's worth the money to stay comfortable.         

Compared to most of the bills you pay I bet you'll agree that electricity is one of the best deals.  Don't feel bad when your electric bill comes due.  Look at your payment as a way for the electric company to keep its very expensive operation going.  If you had to produce all your electricity yourself it would be a very costly proposition.  Be thankful for electricity because it truly is cool.