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Saturday, December 29, 2012

most people aren't free

Freedom is the ability to exercise your own will without interference from another.  Most people believe in freedom in concept but don't have it in everyday life.  Think about all the things that individuals can be imprisoned by. 
Job-This might be the biggest one of all.  Most of us have to work for someone else to make our way through this world.  It takes money to do most anything, and most of us get that money from working for an employer.  But how many of us are truly free and satisfied while we're at the grind.  My guess is not many, and I think current research backs that up.
Debt-This is when you owe money to some entity for student loans, a mortgage, a car note, credit cards, loan shark type businesses, you name it.  This robs the person who owes the money of their freedom.  That's why it's good to avoid debt at all costs.
Relationship-How many people are happy together?  Well hopefully everyone, but we all know that's not true either.  I think relationships have the potential to be really good.  I don't think God wants us to be alone.  Many people probably feel trapped by a bad relationship though.
House-Think of how many people are stressed out every month paying for a place to live.
Car-Having to take the car everywhere you go is annoying.  I prefer walking and taking the bus.  Let's face it though, that's not always realistic.  I do it when I can.  I keep the car for the times the bus is not convenient.
Government-It seems every passing year the government at all levels(city, county, state, federal)intrudes in our life more and more.
Possessions-We need very little on this planet to actually survive.  I think if most of us are being honest we know we have well above that level.  The less possessions the lighter you live.
Children-For those who want children I think that's wonderful.  I guess what I'm referring to is those who didn't plan well and ended up with 5.  Kids don't go back once they're here.
Pets-Pets are great companions.  They can tie you down also similar to children.
As I think about this it seems like this article is negative.  Well that's not my intention.  I'm just trying to call to your attention to things we might not think about regularly that can take away some of our ability to be free.  So what's the answer?  I really can't tell you.  Each person has to find their own way.  Maybe I'm writing this because I was thinking about it for a while and wanted to get it out of my head.  

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