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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

emotions of money

Money can be an emotionally charged topic.  We all have certain feelings when it comes to transacting with money in whatever form.  I think one thing to keep in mind is trying to stay as logical and rational as possible when it comes to dealing with it.  People say these days that money is one of the few topics left that's still taboo.  I enjoy talking about it.  It's no big deal really.  Fear and greed are two big emotions to deal with when it comes to money.  Money is just a man made tool.  It's used to get stuff.  Nothing more nothing less.  It represents power, sexiness, strength, freedom, security, and many other things to many of us.  And I suppose it can be those things sometimes.  The whole idea of financial independence is to have a stream of income to pay your expenses without having a job.  That involves putting off pleasure today for a better tomorrow.  In other words saving.  I believe this relatively new field of endeavor is called behavioral finance which seeks to explain why we do the things we do with money.  Who knows really!  I'd say we all do things that others would not approve of with our own stash.  But it's important to enjoy the day too.  There's some kind of a balance that I'm still not sure of between spending and saving.  I tend to fall more on the miser side.  That leaves me more money to run my a/c if I want.  I'm aware though that when you bring up money around some people they don't want to deal with it or talk about it.  I guess they figure everything will work out on its own without a plan.  I'm not sure about that one.  I tend to be more of a planner when it comes to money for sure.  The best thing I can come up with is it's good to respect each dollar and enjoy the day.

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