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Monday, January 30, 2012

status is dumb

Wanting others to know we've made it in this world is a powerful drive for many people.  It's silly really.  If we really thought about our decisions I bet many of them would be about impressing others in some way.  I live in a fairly high status neighborhood.  But I'm a stow away in my cute little garage apartment.  I wonder how many of the families living in those houses have real wealth though.  My guess is it's not many.  They're probably on the earn to spend treadmill.  And that's not a good place to be.  What's better to do is not care what others think of us in this world and build real wealth.  Is this easy to do?  Absolutely not!  We all want to be accepted by our fellow human creatures.  So expensive houses and cars really don't get you anywhere unless you're already rich.  Even then why not live modestly.  Status also extends to where people shop.  You can usually notice a certain type of clientele that's similar to each other when you walk into a place.  Yeah this a yuppie store or this is a hippie store.  That type of thing.  Always try to get the best value or some kind of deal for your hard won dollars no matter the level of the store on the status totem pole.  It doesn't seem like people talk about status much either, but it's very real.  I notice it all the time.  Some businesses sell steak, and some sell sizzle.  Give me the steak any day baby!  So fight this culture a little bit, and don't go along with this dumb status game.  Build real wealth, and enjoy your life.

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