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Friday, May 11, 2012

paycheck mentality

Most of us work for a paycheck.  This is what we're conditioned to do.  We're taught to be dependent on an employer for our survival.  Not very entrepreneurial is it?  The higher the income the better.  So doctors, lawyers, and other high earners are what we are taught to be.  Aim to not need a wage check.  A lot of times we're judged on gadgets we own, our income level, our job status, not on wealth.  Wealth is net worth not income.  They are very different.  Wealth is like a stored reservoir.  Income is like a flowing stream.  Those that are truly successful in this life don't need a paycheck.  They have a source of income or wealth other than a wage.  That's not to say they don't still work for money if they want to.  But they have the choice at that point.  Realistically most of us will need a job for a good long while.  It's what you do with the income you get from that job that's important.  Remember everyone is trying to take it from you.  Be careful with it!  It's valuable!  It represents hours of your life.  Have that shield up.  Kick those sharks out there that are looking to bite you.  Be on your own side when it comes to money.  Buy assets that produce their own income with money from your job.  And yes starting your own business is riskier and more of a hassle than being an employee.  I guess what I'm talking about here is more of a mentality than a circumstance.  Think like a wealthy and entrepreneurial person before you become one.  Think in terms of value and profit, and think like an owner.  It might just produce some positive differences in your life.

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