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Monday, July 11, 2011

lower expenses for more freedom

I think the key to being free in our money world more than a high income is low expenses.  The three biggies in my mind are housing, food, and transportation.  The more you have to pay out every month the more you have to work.  And even if you don't get your money from work, it has to come from somewhere.  And money is never unlimited no matter how rich you are.  So my idea is keep overhead low.  It's a good idea in business too.  Now it's always going to cost some money to live.  That's just the way it is.  As far as housing live in a small cheap place with or without roommates.  This could mean moving to another area or staying put and finding a low cost place where you are.  The grocery store is money well spent.  No tax, no tip, and lower cost food.  Cars are expensive no doubt.  If you have to have one then minimize driving however possible and take public transportation, bike, and walk.  Layoffs are rampant nowadays.  If your overhead is high it's going to be very painful when those checks aren't hitting your account anymore.  But with low expenses it will be easier.  Combine that with savings and some passive income of some kind and it's even less painful.  Why not build passive income as fast as possible while keeping expenses low.  This is a recipe for more choices in life.  Some people pay a couple hundred a month for a cell phone.  That keeps you chained to the treadmill.  So remember look for ways to cut your outgo and build more surplus.  This gives you more options in this crazy world.

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