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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Is college worth it?

It depends.  If you get an in demand high paying degree I would say yes.  If you're no better off after getting a degree then I would say no.  People come out of college these days with staggering and inescapable amounts of debt.  If you start making good money right away then it's best to pay those suckers off.  Even if you make it through college debt free I still think too many of our young people are pushed in this direction.  What about just getting a job after high school and working your way up.  A trade is another good option or the military.  You could also start your own business.  I would like it if college wasn't pushed as the right path for everyone because it isn't.  And it seems to me that so much of what you learn on campus is just plain useless out here in this rough world.  How about a class on how to survive well on minimum wage.  It is possible you know.  It's best to find some kind of a balance between what you like and what's in demand.  It's still something I'm trying to figure out myself.  And remember if you keep expenses low then income is not that big of an issue.  You can go after something that you like more even if it doesn't pay well.  I look forward to the day when college isn't looked at as a one size fits all answer for the masses. 

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