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Monday, December 5, 2016

Financial Independence is a Slow Process

It would be nice one day to own myself and all of my time.  This is the state of financial independence where investments cover all expenses of life.  For the average person of modest means this is a VERY slow process.  It will probably take 20 years or more to achieve it.  My plan is to buy dividend stocks with the wages I make at work.  This is a method that is open to everyone.  Stock market investing has never been as democratic as it is now.  Sometimes I get discouraged at how slow the progress is.  Unless you're able to put away thousands a month you'll be plugging away at this for decades.  It's something to accept I guess and not let it bother you.  Very hard to do though.  Especially when employers totally call the shots and have so much power over our lives.  I'm sure there are faster and better paths to financial independence than buying dividend stocks with wages.  It's just that I haven't found one that works for me.  And believe me I've had a lot of hair brained schemes over the years.  I also have an interest in owning rental properties, but that path makes me nervous because of all the things that are involved.  My advice to myself and others is to keep plugging and to remember that every penny of dividends that comes in on its own puts you one step closer to freedom.

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