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Friday, March 21, 2014

Money dominates our lives

Like it or not money controls our lives.  There are very few things you can do without it.  I wish the world wasn't this way.  Since the planet we're born on runs on money it's good to respect it as it comes into our hands.  It is possible to be job-free if you get your expenses low enough and find a source of income other than a job to cover them.  It's all about freedom and choices really.  Society teaches us to get a job working for someone else then spend all or more than we make to keep us working.  I think having a purpose or work is good.  All of us have talents and gifts the world can use.  The problem is most of us are forced into something we don't like and aren't good at because we need money.  How do we escape this pressing need for money?  Watching every dollar as we spend it is a good foundation.  When we realize that money is limited and hard to come by it will give us a respect for it we might not have had before.  I really don't like that we need money for everything.  I wish we could just get our needs met effortlessly.  The plan for freedom is to keep expenses low, avoid debt, and build a source of non-employment income.  I find joy and a challenge in not needing much money to survive.  Having a big income can make life too easy I think.  It has the potential to detach us from the suffering of those in poverty.  When we live close to the bottom we're more in touch with the majority of human beings on this planet.  I have no desire to live lavishly even if I was rich.  The thing about keeping expenses low is you then have less of a need for money which makes life less stressful.  We are taught to apply for jobs and be employees, but jobs are hard to come by these days.  It is a very discouraging process to apply for jobs.  That's why I think creating less of a need for money also creates less of a need for a job.  Money represents our effort and time on this earth.  The conclusion I draw from our economic system is to have low overhead and pursue something that gets us excited to do it.  The world would be a better place if people were more educated on how money works however I think the most important thing is discipline.  Without discipline all the knowledge in the world won't help.   

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