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Thursday, August 8, 2013

The trap of government assistance

A little help from the government never hurt anyone right?  Yes it has!  I don't think many people would argue that the economy has not been good for many years now.  Lack of jobs and savings have led many people to get on some kind of government check.  Hey we all have to survive.  I don't fault people for trying to keep their heads above water.  The trouble with taking the king's money is you will dance to the king's music.  Better to sling hash yourself even if it's a low level job.  Life is harsh at times!  No doubt there.  The people that write the laws for government programs don't really know what it's like to depend on the state to provide survival.  It's a huge impediment to actually doing anything with your life and being a productive citizen.  Government assistance is a huge trap!  Can anyone say strings attached.  More like ropes.  And the person on the end of the strings is the puppet.  I myself was on a government check for a number of years.  And believe me the years go by fast.  I have just recently told that program to take their money and shove it.  I was always thinking I can't do this because they'll take my benefits away.  I can't work because they'll come after me for the money.  I can't get married because they'll count my spouse's income against my benefit.  I can't invest because any profits I make will be taken away.  And hey maybe as your friendly government agency we'll hassle you even if you don't make a profit but simply sell some investments at a loss.  Believe me it's no way to live.  It's better than being on the streets, but even saying that sometimes I wonder.  Yes I did have a safety net, but I also had a thick concrete ceiling I couldn't get through.  The benefit I was on was like a walking prison.  I never felt like the money was mine.  Probably because it wasn't!  America has become a country of government dependents.  This is not good!  We need more freedom not less.  In the early days of our country people thought differently.  They thought about how they could take care of themselves.  If you're considering getting on a government program I would say tread with extreme caution.  Some things are easier to get on than they are to get off. 

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