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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

you are not your job

What do you do for a living?  I hate that question.  It's a matter of someone else sizing me up to see where I fit in the socioeconomic pecking order.  My ultimate goal is not to need a job ever again and not to want one.  Jobs give us so much more than a paycheck.  We get our identity from what we do for money.  They also give us structure and purpose.  Most of us are taught to depend on someone hiring us to create income.  I don't think this is ideal.  My opinion is it's better to create your own income without having to be hired.  That's not easy to do, but it is possible.  And thinking about ways to do it is the first step.  Applying for jobs sucks, interviewing sucks, getting rejected sucks.  These employers are setting up huge hoops these days just to get a menial job.  A little silly I think.  This is because it's still very much an employer's market.  So they call the shots.  I see it all the time.  And even if you land a job it can be taken away in a flash.  I think it's best to not get attached to anything external that can be taken away like a job.  Especially in America the job is a big deal.  Too big of a deal really.  There are deeper parts of a person than what they do for a living, but those seem to take a backseat to the almighty job.  And really you can build wealth on any income and with any job from minimum wage up.  So those who don't fit into the job world too well have to figure out a different path than kissing up for peanuts.  This can include living on investments, getting a government check, lowering expenses, starting your own business, just to name just a few.  The idea of a permanent income is very appealing because it frees you and me up to do what we want with our time.  It can be boring and lonely not having a job, but it's nice not having to answer to a boss.  I've been looking for a job recently, and it's hard to keep going when you see the BS of the job system that we've created.  I will give you that it's hard to escape the job system, but thinking about it is fun whether you do or not.

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