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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

ownership is where it's at

The people who have the power in the capitalist system are the ones who own.  You could own stocks, real estate, a business, a book you wrote, precious metals, the list goes on and on.  Aim to own some kind of system or asset that produces money without you traipsing in and putting in the time.  This is a challenge.  We're taught, and most of us have to in reality, go to work everyday.  That's OK.  It's the way our economy is set up for most of us to be employed in a job.  All I'm saying is the true winners in capitalism aren't the workers but the owners.  Always ask yourself how can I own more of some productive type of asset.  We can all do this even if it's on a very small level.  Start small I say.  It's better than not starting at all.  It sucks looking for a job.  I really don't like doing it.  I would like to produce my own income without needing to be hired by someone.  I'm still working on it.  I'm not there yet.  There are all kinds of ways to make money without being an employee.  The first step is to start thinking more like an owner.  And you are fighting a society that pushes you into the worker bee mold.  I believe in freedom.  To me having to work a job is not being free.  One of the surest ways to escape the job world is to make as much money as you can from your job, invest as much as you can, and live off the income from your investments.  If you keep your expenses low and stay out of debt it makes it much easier to have choices in this life.  It comes down to no debt, low expenses, and some form of non-job income.  That's pretty much what I say throughout this blog.  That's the formula I've come up with.  It's not easy to implement, but it can be done with some determination.  I hear stories from people who work jobs where the employer is shall we say not very nice and treats them like children.  You can always get canned from any job.  It's good to remember that.  And most people don't seem to enjoy what they do anyway.  I'm still trying to find where I fit in.  I don't do well working for someone.  That's why I'm considering self-employment and ownership.

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